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  1. Oh, I find it always is. Going around all day with little or no clothing, sleeping outside under the stars, occasional immersion in refreshingly cold water, the 'thwack' of willow on leather, it – oh no, hang on, it's no different from the rest of the year, is it?

  2. ''I have had to manage slaves all my life. My daddy is the family sissy and from a young age I organized his day and punished any wrongdoing. Then there were slaves everywhere in the Gynarchy, where I grew up. In the streets there were slaves shopping, or cleaning or waiting outside shops for their owners or designated female to come out. At school there were corridor and toilet slaves who did as they were told.

    So managing my sissy slave husband is easy and quite enjoyable.''

    ''That is interesting Zoe. Do you remember the first time you punished your father, and what had he done?''

    ''Let me think. Mommy, do you remember when I punished daddy for the first time, Kate is asking.''

    ''I think you were about 8 years old and I had told you to tidy your dollies in your room and put your shoes away. You turned to daddy and ordered him to do it. He sighed as you remember he did, now and again. You told him off in no uncertain terms. I caned him I seem to remember.''

    ''Wow, that was young, Zoe.''

    ''I know Kate, darling. It was how I was raised. Daddy kiss my other foot, please. Good boy.''


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