4300 kPa

The pressure exerted by a woman walking in high heels. so it seems. That’s a lot of Pascals.  4.3 million Pascals, I suppose.  Makes you think, eh?  And that’s assuming she’s not actually jumping up and down.

I read that on the Physics Website, which (drawing I suspect on Cutnell, John D., & Kenneth W. Johnson. Physics. 4th ed. New York: Wiley, 1998. 338) explains it this way:


This is approximately 40 atmospheric pressures. Now you realize the full potential
of the high heel.
For comparison’s sake, would you rather your hand be pummeled by a herd of elephants
or a group of angry women wearing high heels?

Sorry, what was that?

Would you rather your hand be pummeled by a herd of elephants
or a group of angry women wearing high heels? 

Mmmmm… sounds like you don’t read this blog very often, Mr Physics Website.

Anyway, it all seems very instructive. I won’t link to the website as I don’t think they’d particularly appreciate this source of traffic (yes, dear readers, that’s right: I am ashamed of you).   On with what we do on this website, now.

It’s not actually the days wearing the collar that will hurt you, in any case.  It’s all the things you said and did during those days when you weren’t wearing it.

Looks like you’re about to get a feel for Russian culture.

Interestingly, a recent survey found that many women with husbands in chastity actually start wearing sexy clothes more often than before.  Women, eh? Always missing the point.  Bless ’em.

Anyway, he’s got another ear. So it’s not like the time when she – oh, well,, that’s another story.

Kafkaesque, no?

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  1. To continue the Punk theme Magazines "Anthrax" with the line "I feel like a beetle on his back and there's no way for me to get up" Looking out for another with a guy peeking up from under the floorboards. Femsup

  2. Oh, severe Russian culture! 🙂 But in Russia adult age is 18 year old! And all young man 18 year old go to Army if they havn't relief. 🙂 Many of them want to remain at home with mother… Even wirh severe mother Irina! 🙂

  3. Goodness, Femsup, haven't your stiff little fingers been busy! You appear to know a lot more about punk than I do… whenever I try to remember any actual bands all I get is a mental image of Captain Sensible singing Captain Beaky, which was probably the final nail in the coffin some years after punk died.

    It's good to see you here – surely by now one of the longest serving denizens of CtD (and still posting as Anonymous?).

  4. Are there many 18 year olds in Russia who do not have relief? For me, it was a daily activity at that age.

    You know, there's a whole article doing the rounds of the Internet about why Russians don't smile much (http://www.theatlantic.com/science/archive/2016/05/culture-and-smiling/483827/). I don't mind. I don't much take to gruff bearded men, but if that's the price the rest of the world has to pay for disdainful, sneering ladies, I say За женщин!

  5. PS, with regard to your comment about the factual accuracy of Irina's claim that the age of adulthood in Russia is 21 (a) this blog makes no claims whatsoever to factual accuracy, indeed the disclaimer over there positively disclaims it and (b) lovely Irina might have been lying. And do we want to argue with her?

  6. Dear Servitor! My comment is not reproach to you! No! Excuse me if I offend you! My words – it's only a reaction to name of my country in your blog, not more. 🙂
    P.S. I thing, now most of russian young man go to Army at age 19-21 years when they graduate professional college.
    P.S.S. За женщин! 🙂

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