Humbled in her presence

Of course, for her it’ll be very different from having sex with you.  Longer… more enjoyable…and more frequent too.


Don’t worry – it’ll be very special for both of you, I am sure.

And weekly confession too.

Sometimes men need a little encouragement to make the right choice of their own free will.

She has a point, you know.  I’d say more, but I’ve a leash to fetch.
The wonderful, stern Miss Cassie Hunter, the Hunteress, of course – who rather thrillingly could surely not give a rats arse about this blog one way or the other. Mmm.. contempt play.

0 thoughts on “Humbled in her presence”

  1. I was talking to my friend Serena about whether I felt bad at all about Max, my sissy slave husband, not having a release from charity for over six months. I said I noticed a big difference in his general attitude that it was not anything to feel bad about. In fact it was a good thing,.


  2. No release from charity for over six months, Ms Zoe? Well, I hope you at least left him with faith and hope.

    Sorry… just my little joke. We all make typos, although only those of us of the male persuasion are actually whipped for them.#

    Best wishes


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