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Persons proceeding past this point will encounter no genuinely adult content whatsoever, merely juvenile humour and sexual innuendo written by someone with the emotional intelligence of a teenager. You have been warned.

Let’s hope he enjoyed wishes 1 and 2.

Not very politically correct. Perhaps I need to be politically corrected.

Don’t worry, she’ll give him a 10% discount for all those extra hours.

These gender roles are essentially all social constructs anyway.  Why should we have to conform to a role because of what sex we are?  What if I choose not to do the housework, hmm? Well… I get tied across a chair and thrashed, obviously. But I could if I wanted to.. and didn’t mind the beating. That’s the point.

Self-harming is such a waste.  When there are people out there who’d love to do it for you.

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  1. Thank you. I once had a session in which my beloved domme did actually lock me into a room and then – well, not forget anything as such, but had ten minutes struggling with the lock to get it open again. At the time I wasn't quite sure whether it was part of the session or genuine, but the next time she proudly announced she'd had the lock fixed so I guess it was. I remained kneeling with the bar of soap in my mouth for the whole ten minutes…a very subbie moment!

  2. The best way she can refresh her memory is to get a good nights sleep ,leaving the slave in there all night on a hard stone floor ,reminding him how sexy she looks in that leather outfit

  3. Several bits of brilliance here. Best of all that kind Lady looking after Her husband. No not the psychiatric nurse or doctor no the nice Lady Wife.


  4. Mmm
    … It's a good idea in principle but the last tie she did that, she forgot there was anyone in there at all and it wasn't until her next client arrived for a session the next evening that she realised he was still in there. Quite uncomfortable for him – and expensive too, even at 10% off her normal hourly rate.

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