She is looking good, for beauty we will pay

In fact, some of us have to.  Music is mostly unrelated.
Because he knows there are things much worse than a good hard kick to the balls.
The forceful, talented and literary Mistress Miranda, another lady who has had the misfortune to encounter Servitor in the quivering, unimpressive flesh.


It’s all very well to be carried away with love at first sight, but can you build a lasting relationship with a pair of sports shoes, when fashion in sneakers is so fickle?


OK, not the sexiest of topics.  But if you don’t know, you can’t imagine. Really: if you’re a pain-slut you should be trying to develop a good set of them.


Punishment fits the crime… tightly and closely.


You replied “I do” and that was the occasion when a safeword might have been advisable instead. Too late now.

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