Weekly allowance

Here you go. Actually, it’s usually twice a week.  But don’t tell her or we might not be allowed.

They are really very lovely blue shoes. I hope they’re cruelty-free.


Just try to enjoy the view.


Hmmm – I wonder who that’s going to be?


Low self-esteem can be greatly under-rated in some situations, actually.


Do you have to bother her with this sort of thing all the time?

0 thoughts on “Weekly allowance”

  1. I love the cheerleaders –

    "Most people arrange for significant birthdays or engagements to be publicly announced at big games, but his girlfriend had never been one to follow the crowd."

  2. Doh!

    OK, here's a joke for you. A sub visits his Mistress in Dublin and she orders him to buy her a fur coat. He is overjoyed at the honour she is bestowing on him. "What fur, Mistress?" he asks, eagerly. She stares at him coldly. "Because you are my slave and your sole purpose is to please me of course" she snaps back. "How dare you question my instructions!"

    It's the way I tell 'em…

  3. Hope for your sake you don't take to your wifestress like that.
    But then, maybe she would be willing to film the aftermath.
    I could go for that.

  4. Agreed on the cheerleaders. Would love to see an even larger group cheering.

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