Pride comes before a spanking

Positive reinforcement – quite motivational, I find.


Decisions decisions… oh dear.  I thought the whole point of this sort of relationship was that I wouldn’t have to make decisions any more!


Yes.  That would be awful. Erm… we said just a half hour session this time.  Didn’t we?


That’s a relief. All the relief there’s going to be, by the look of it, but better than nothing.


You can watch a whole half hour, if you’re good. Just remember to thank her.

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  1. A full and tearful confession will be good for your soul.

    It also may help root out any remnants of that disgusting, home wrecking, men's lib movement as well!

  2. Have you read the latest about Ms Hathaway? How She turned down an egg because it was fried wrongly sending it back 3 times and approving of the 4th. Now there is an exacting Woman. Perhaps next She could be allowed to tawse him in between eggs. Or on his eggs. Femsup

  3. Absolutely. You know, I once tried burning a bra as a statement in favour of mens equality. Well.. when I say I burnt it as a statement, it's more that I accidentally dropped it over a hot iron when I was doing the Tuesday laundry and – anyway, the details don't matter. But my SO and I talked the issue through – rather thoroughly actually – and I can honestly say felt nothing but remorse, and a certain hot glow, once she had finished explaining things.

  4. ''Darling, you know I love you, so why aren't you happy?''

    Max has been complaining that we never go out together anymore. I have hot guys to go on dates with and Max has his chores and his obsession with worshipping my stinky feet. In that way we are quite compatible.

    ''Max, you will be caned for speaking without due cause. As you know it used to be without permission, but that got a bit tiresome as we never spoke at all. It's nice when you ask if I had a good day at work, or how pretty you think I am in this skirt suit. Lovely, loving, love words to your wife.''


  5. As my SO always likes to say "If you can't say something nice, you can spend the night chained up naked on the cellar floor, with a garlic bulb gag." Men can be rather thoughtless, so it's good we have people to tell us what to do.

    Best wishes


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