Lick my filthy boots you pathetic little slave!

Occasionally I feel the need for a headline that takes us back to femdom basics. Not everything has to be ironic all the time.  Does it?

Better do as she says.


Sounds very sensible.  You get what you don’t pay for.


You’re going to experience some of her choices too.


Oh, OK.  I just like to know.
My head is currently very, very fucked!


0 thoughts on “Lick my filthy boots you pathetic little slave!”

  1. Loving that Anne one as usual. She truly is heart-stopping. Loving everything about this blog.

  2. Loving the comments. Loving the way you've noticed the fact that the heart-stopping tag is used here only for Anne photos (unless you're a long-standing reader and just got that from the generic post thing I did a year ago).

  3. Have you read the latest about Ms Hathaway? How She turned down an egg because it was fried wrongly sending it back 3 times and approving of the 4th. Now there is an exacting Woman. Perhaps next She could be allowed to tawse him in between eggs. Or on his eggs. Femsup

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