Every time I hear the word culture

Hey readers.  Princess K here*. Have you
ever thought about how culturally specific humiliation has to be?

I mean, something is ‘humiliating’ if it represents a low
status activity or group in society, or a taboo, right?  What you find humiliating will depend on
where you start from. Look at Indian femdom sites – the notion of kissing feet
is clearly invested with a much greater significance than in the Western
world.  Hell, in Saudi Arabia a photo of
a woman driving a car or casting a vote probably counts as femdom porn.

Now that leads me to the question – where do we go next?  Might there be new low-status stereotypes in our society? Call-centre operators, for example?  Maybe in 20 years dommes will be dressing their slaves as small-town rednecks espousing conservative views?  Or as muslim women wearing niqab? Maybe in 20 years time it will be slaves who smoke, not the dommes, because smoking will be an immediate signal of low status.  In the UK, slaves will be wearing onesies, in the US maybe they’d be forced into confederate flag t-shirts.  Maybe German bankers will dress up as Greek bankers…
So, I ask you – what about forced bi?  Being gay has gone from being outlawed, to
grudgingly tolerated to being fully accepted in just a few years. Femdom is
behind the curve here, because the middle aged men who have the money grew up
in societies in which being gay was pretty awful. In school, a boy accused of being gay probably didn’t have any more unpleasant things to hurl back – it was the nuclear option of playground insults.
Case in point.  For Benny here, having to take Eduardo’s cock into his mouth
is almost literally the worst thing in the world.

Please, Princess, don’t make me.

Shut the fuck up, Benny.

But, Princess, I
wouldn’t want to reinforce a stereotypical view of gay sex as being disgusting.  So… maybe I shouldn’t have to suck him off?

OK Benny, you’ve ruined this with your whining. It was supposed to be an erudite and thought-provoking discussion of the role of cultural stereotypes in the femdom humiliation scene.  But now it’s just about sucking cock.  Well done.

Well, you’re going to suck cock, Benny.  Not because it signifies a cultural referent but just because I like making you do things you hate.  You’re going to suck him off because I
want to watch your face when he spurts inside your mouth. Because it’ll be
funny.  And I want your lips closed so
you don’t spill a drop. 
In it goes.  That’s right.
Gllmmmp ohhhg
Oh – and Benny? This will not be the only cock you suck off today.  Because you pissed me off, Benny.  And that’s the biggest taboo of all.

*Readers believing that the wonderful  Princess Kali had anything at all to do with this post, or could give even the most fleeting, flying flicker of a fuck about this blog need to read the sentence beginning ‘Rest assured’ in the intro box up to the right there.

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  1. I am a married husband in an FLM. I have never sucked another mans cock before and although in submissive fantasy I have thought about it but still don't think I could it. That being said, I have an erection after reading this. Well done.

  2. Sounds like what you want isn't likely to make much difference either way, then. Just pucker up and await further instructions. And smile when She gives you the order.

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