Taking it slowly at first

Darling, I’ve been thinking about what you told me on
Saturday.  About your need to be…
dominated.  Sexually.

I’m sorry I reacted the way I did.  It was just…a bit of a shock, you know?  It’s not really something I know a lot about, and it just sounded kind of weird and scary… and I guess I just didn’t want to hear that this was happening.  That this wasn’t really my husband saying these things.  You know?

But…I went to look at those web sites you suggested. And a few
more.  And… well, you know, it’s really
not my thing.  Really, really not.  But, darling, you’re my husband and I love you.  And if that’s what’s going
to make you happy, I think we should try it.

Oh darling, calm down.  It’s OK.  Really it is.

Only…it’s all very new to me, so you’ll have to be patient
with me at first, OK?  I don’t think I
can do all of it.  Not straight away.  I mean like dressing
up in leather and rubber and stuff like that. 
I don’t think I can do that. 
We don’t have to, do we?

Great.  Because that’s
a bit too much for me.  Maybe later.  When I’m used to it.

But I was reading about these husbands who dress up in
maids’ outfits and do all the housework. 
That seemed all right.  Shall we try that?  And I’m supposed
to punish you if it’s not done to my satisfaction, right?  With a cane or something?

Or a paddle.  Sure –
whatever.  I’m OK with that.

Oh – and financial domination too.  I could do that, I think.  We’d get your company to pay your salary into
my account, and I’ll control all the money – keep a tight rein on your
spending.  Maybe give you an allowance
each week; or just make you ask me if ever you want to buy anything.  Cane you if you spend any money without my permission.

“Or paddle”?  For that one as well?  OK, sure.  Doesn’t have to be a cane, I suppose.  Not every time.
I read a lot about financial domination.  It does sound kind of fun, actually.  So we can do that.

Anyway, erm…I’ve drawn up a ‘slave contract’.  With stuff about the housework and finances
and the punishment thing.  (I’ve written
‘cane’ actually, in the section about punishments, but we can make that ‘cane or paddle’ if you like.)  And cuckoldry – that’s a very femdom thing
too, right?  So you’ll enjoy that.  It’ll be better for me, too,
because you’ll be in chastity, and that way I don’t have to keep unlocking you
and locking you up again every time I want to make love.

But no more than that, at first, OK?  Just so we can take it slowly, for me.  I’ve included in the contract the right of
Mistress to change the terms anyway, so we can maybe put in a few more things as I
get more confident with it.

Shall I print the contract out now?  So we can sign?  I’ll add that thing about the paddle first.

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  1. Such a lovely storyline. I am impressed by how you come up with such brilliant ideas. I really love and greatly enjoy your work.

  2. Thank you for your kind comment. I'm glad you like the blog. I enjoy writing it, so I'd probably do it even if I didn't get any positive feedback, but it's always a pleasure when someone takes the trouble to respond.

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