Like a christian fearing vengeance from above…

…I don’t pretend to know what you want, but I offer love. 

(trigger warning: vanilla link.  For no obvious reason, I’ve always thought of the song as rather D/S… but I think that of many things).



Don’t worry if you’re still confused.  Things will be made clear.


I think that’s disgraceful.  Just because we’re submissive doesn’t mean ladies can treat us like doormats, can they?  Well, I mean, obviously, if a lady like one of these wanted to treat me literally as a doormat, that would be fine, wiping her muddy boots across my back, but erm… OK, maybe they can then. 


And you prefer not being gay too, don’t you, so it sounds like you and Master Mark are very compatible!


Get another one, of course.  There’s plenty.  Hello!  Ma’am?  Over here!


I offer love… this is one of the most Significant of the Others in my life.  Lady Sophia Black is simply wonderful.

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