In the morning when the madness has faded


Oh hey, good
morning!  Listen, thanks for last night,
OK?  You were great.  One of the best I’ve had.

I loved the
way you shrieked when I was pinning your cock to the board!  Don’t you dare tell me you were faking!  If you were, you’re just the most amazing
actor ever, and I don’t want to know, OK?

Oh – and I’m
sorry about the mix-up with the enema bags. 
You probably realised the soapy one was supposed to go up your ass, not
into your mouth.  Still, I don’t suppose
it did you any harm.  I’m sure you’ve had worse.

Anyway – the
money’s over there on the sideboard, in an envelope.  I put a little extra in!

Hmm?  Well, it’s your money, sweetheart. For the
sub session.

What?  You mean you’re not…?  You weren’t expecting to be paid?

So, you
just…. Oh wow.  I mean, wow.  I’m sorry, I just assumed…

Well, you
must let me pay for something.  Otherwise
I’d feel awful, about doing all those things 
to you.  It is quite a lot of
money… and I don’t mind, I have plenty. 
That’s right.  You just take
it.  Buy yourself some nice things.

And you must let me
put a little make-up over the bruises  on
your face.  So you’re pretty, just in
case you want to try another trick tonight, now you’ve done it once.

And… listen,
I was thinking.  I don’t have to be
anywhere until after lunchtime.  Erm… would
you like to earn a little more?

Don’t worry
about having breakfast – it’ll be easier to do this on an empty stomach.


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