Bit of politics, bit of politics

I’m trying a few themed posts just at the moment.  This is a theme some of you seem to like, presumably because it deals with such a subversive, transgressive topic: men’s lib.

Dangerous to bring politics into what is intended to be a fun and sexy blog and I certainly don’t want to offend anyone.  Nothing in this post should be taken in any way as an endorsement of a political programme of equality for men.



…and a little bonus story.

Speaking truth to power

“The so-called men’s liberation movement” Simon wrote “is an
absurd caricature of a true political cause: its slogans meaningless, its
demands more like an infantile tantrum than a realistic political
programme.  I regret wasting so much of
my life on it.  Men simply are not the
equals of women, and the sooner we accept that, the happier we will be.”

He stared at the sentence he had just written.  Strong stuff. 
A complete repudiation of everything that he had fought for and believed
in for all of these years.  But it had to
had to be said.

He imagined the horror that an activist in the movement
would experience, on reading those damning words.  Or indeed, how he himself would have reacted
just a few months before.  He had been ‘Commander
Riotboy’, shadowy author of numerous savage polemics against the oppressive
matriarchal system and the attitudes – of both men and women – that allowed its
injustices to be perpetuated down the generations.  Oddly, the strongest memory for him was a
smell – the smell of the hot ink as the illegal press whirred furiously through
the night, stamping out copy after copy of their newsletter, to be stapled,
transported around the country and furtively distributed on any of those rare
occasions when men gathered together without close female supervision.

He remembered running too, the sounds of pursuing police
whistles seemingly right behind him, his comrades seized to be taken no doubt
for ‘re-education’.  He had always
somehow escaped to fight on another day, in the process becoming something of a
legend in the movement.  Riotboy – the man
who would never give up.

But that, he reflected, had all been before he met Karen.  And here he was.   A meek
little househusband, dressed in skimpy little shorts that she had chosen for
him, beneath which his cock nestled securely in a locked tube to which only she
had the key. Where before he had devoted his life to producing articles furiously
calling for male liberation, today he spent his days at his desk writing words
that said exactly the opposite.  And he
felt strangely content to do so.

He sighed.  Best to
get on, as Karen would be back soon, and she would come up to check on his
progress.  He’d already had a hard
spanking this morning, he certainly didn’t want another.

He picked up his pen and carefully wrote the number “312.”  Then next to it, with equal care (because
more than three crossings out on any one page would mean writing that page all
over again), he wrote:

“The so-called men’s liberation movement is an absurd
caricature of a true political cause: its slogans meaningless, its demands more
like an infantile tantrum than a realistic political programme.  I regret wasting so much of my life on
it.  Men are not the equals of
women, and the sooner we simply accept that, the happier we will be.

313.  The so-called
men’s liberation movement is an absurd caricature of a true political cause: its
slogans meaningless, its demands more like an infantile tantrum than a
realistic political programme.  I regret wasting
so much of my life on it.  Men are
not the equals of women, and the sooner we simply accept that, the happier we
will be.

314 …”

What a long way off number 500 seemed.  He hoped tomorrow’s line would be shorter.
…aaaaaand a bonus bonus little mini-story.  This is from earlier in the same timeline, just after Simon met Karen:

“And what do you think about the men’s-lib movement?” she
asked sweetly.

“Men’s lib is a ridiculous idea.”  Simon replied.  “Men must accept their place in society and
be obedient to women, for their own good.”

He tensed. 

There was
a pause and then an agonising CRACK! of the paddle across his buttocks. He
cried out loud at the shocking pain. 
That had been the hardest yet.

What do you think of the men’s lib movement?” Karen asked

“Men’s lib is a ridiculous idea” he gasped “Men must accept
their place in society and be… and be obed – “


“No hesitation, remember, Simon.  What do you think of the men’s lib movement?”

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  1. Like the short story. Could we get more on the importance/role of male chastity in maintaining a healthy relationship?

  2. As the happy hubby of the president of “Westchester Traditional Marriage Club”, my wife and I feel that it is important to tell you how repugnant that we find the very thought of this silly “men’s liberation” movement!

    To see males in such open rebellion to the rightful authority of the proper structure of society is sickening, and as the holy book of the Goddess tells us “Rebellion against Proper Female Authority is worse than witchcraft!”

    When a male resists the proper authority and guidance of his Woman he is not only destroying his own home, but tearing at the very fabric of society!

    So while the males spoken of in your post are certainly deserving of a good thrashing and lots of correction time, it is refreshing to see young women such as those you have shown here taking the full responsibility to correct these matters in their own homes and in their neighborhoods!

    Women like these are the very backbone of a well run society and are to be applauded by all of us for not succumbing to the permissive attitudes that are so prevalent today!

    I would like to thank my wonderful no non-sense wife Ms. Judith Carstairs for helping me to write this important letter to you!

    Mr. Judith Carstairs

  3. Well, that might be a theme I have touched upon once or twice! But I'll see what I can do. Certainly,an important aspect of the whole men's lib theme is men's control over their own sexuality – just one more among a whole bunch of absurd men's libber nonsense!

  4. Ah, Mr Carstairs, I can see that you've been brought up properly. My congratulations to your better half on having such a sensible and helpful little husband. She's obviously doing an excellent job, and I hope you repay her with suitable generosity.

    Yes, 'men's lib'! So absurd. Walking around with unsmacked bottoms, brazen as you like! But not in Westchester by the sound of it. Well done.

  5. Dear Sir(s),
    Mrs. Carstairs has instructed me to give you her, er my opinion on societal wide enforced chastity in reply to this question.

    Since you, er WE have always oppressed women throughout history by using the threat of rape it is felt by the members of the Westchester Traditional Marriage Club as well as the Westchester Helpful Hubbies Club (Our gentleman's auxiliary organization) that it would be best in the interests of a fair and sexually equal society to remove that threat!

    Therefore the Westchester Traditional Marriage Club has petitioned Congress to pass the universal male chastity laws and put an end to women ever being afraid again of this virulent and pernicious threat to health and well being.

    After passage no male would ever again be allowed out in public without wearing a properly secured male chastity device, and to insure compliance the law stipulates that any police lady at any time may immediately inspect such device on any male. Any male found out of compliance will be subject to arrest, severe corporal punishment, and a possible stay in a state run re-education facility.

    Mrs. Carstairs has explained to me in terms even a male can understand, the importance of the new freedom of movement this will permit modern women and our society and how it will affect the upward trend toward equality between the sexes in our country.

    She, er I think you for considering our, er MY point of view on this issue.

    Mr. Judith Carstairs

    PS Mrs. Carstairs has reminded me to re-state the obvious benefits WITHIN the home that enforced male chastity already affords. Increased housework. Improved attitude. Increased cleanliness when you consider no more male messes! And of course the confidence that today's husbands are TOTALLY loyal to their beloved wives.

    Thank you again for your support in stamping out men's lib.

  6. Mrs. Carstairs has given me permission to thank you for your kind words.

    Yes, Mrs. Carstairs is a wonderful woman and I am so fortunate to have been 'lovingly guided' by her to be a proper trained traditional husband.

    It's kind of funny actually, but like all the other members of the Westchester Helpful Hubbies Club, I am SO completely committed to and happy in my marriage that I can't even remember how I came to live in Westchester or how I met my wonderful no non-sense wife or ANYTHING before I met her! None of us can! Isn't that just SILLY? I guess that like the other boys I am just blinded by the perfect love and bliss in living here with her!

    You really should come and visit! It's a bit like heaven on Earth!

    Our town is simply the best place to live! We have a crime rate of zero, and we are so very proud of it's motto: "There are no cleaner homes, or happier couples than those who live in Westchester!"


    Mr. Judith Carstairs

  7. Writing from St Stephens Ford I can honestly say that I can't remember being as happy as I am now under the guidance and control of my sweet strong minded Wife. In fact I can't remember anything else before coming under the delightful repression of my caring strict Goddess.

    What is this men's lib of which you speak. I know of men being lippy and thus getting the smacking they deserve. I hope its not that. Is it having soft lips to kiss hers both upstairs and down stairs erm um between her heavenly thighs. I am all for that.


  8. Mrs Carstairs sounds like a lady of taste and breeding. There's really no need for a new law, though. Simply clarifying the definition of rape so that it is understood to mean that consent by a woman is required for any sexual activity not to be considered rape (as opposed to the present, narrow understanding that consent is required only for sexual activity with someone else) and the legal powers are perfectly adequate to the task.

  9. Oh, it's some sort of nonsense about sexual equality, I understand. I asked by Significant Other about it, and it took her more than five minutes to stop laughing. She then explained that she thought of all the criteria by which my inferiority could be judged, the sexual one was surely the most obvious! And of course she's right. She always is, remarkably enough.

  10. Mrs Carstairs has informed me that she has taken your idea of a clarification of the rape laws to the Ladies of the Westchester Traditional Marriage Club and they all loved it!

    So in addition to the male chastity laws to lock all the boys properly away (which will help to prevent any trouble before it begins), the ladies will also be pushing for the re-definition of the rape statutes in our state as well.

    Mrs. Carstairs has told me to tell you that I think it is a terrific idea and re-extends her invitation to visit with us.

    Perhaps she should write your wife and invite you both?

    Mr. Judith Carstairs

  11. Many thanks.
    It is important that a number of males read and enjoy my blog.
    The Westchester Traditional Marriage Club is "encouraging me" to keep the content fresh and the numbers high.
    The ladies feel that a number of 'fine young men; of marrying age may be encouraged to move here by so doing.

    Mr. Judith Carstairs

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