She began with a soft kiss on the very tip of the dildo, her
moist lips held slightly apart, allowing her tongue lightly to flick across the black

And then she took it into her mouth, kneading with her lips and nibbling gently at the
glans.  With little nibbles she inched
her way down to the base, the black rubber gradually disappearing into her
accommodating mouth, before his astonished eyes. 
Meeting his gaze, she giggled, fastened
her lips firmly around the base and slowly drew back along the length of the
dildo, which emerged glistening with her spittle.

Then, after a pause for breath, she opened her mouth wide
and bit hard just behind the head.  Her
teeth sank deep into the reluctantly yielding rubber, and when they could go no
further, she shook her head gently to work them loose and, once again, bit deep
and hard.  This time the bite went clean
through and the head came free in her mouth, to be spat out onto the floor.

Her mouth opened wide for a third time, and took in another
inch of what remained of the black rubber – and she bit down again, this time
chewing her way slowly until another ragged chunk came away.  And so on down to the base, biting more and
more off as she went until her amused eyes were level with his horrified gaze,
and nothing but a rough stump remained. 
He fainted clean away in shock.

… to wake up with wrists and ankles firmly bound, the
remains of the dildo gag still in his mouth. 
He tried to lift his head, to look down to where he could feel her
presence between his legs and hear her breathing, but he could see nothing but
the top of her head, lowering down towards his groin.

She began with a soft kiss on the very tip of his cock, her moist lips held slightly apart, allowing her tongue lightly to flick across the skin.
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