I yam what I yam

… and I thought what I yam was a beta male, but apparently not.  It turns out, I am an omega male:

Omega animals are subordinate to all others in the community, and are expected by others in the group to remain submissive to everyone. Omega animals may also be used as communal scapegoats or outlets for frustration, or given the lowest priority when distributing food.

Ah, let me be her outlet for frustration…

Yes, Ma’am.

Not a beta – you see?

Actually,  good rough sander will have much the same effect – and it would be a lot cheaper.  Fun, too.

Chaste little hubbie
I’m sure she’ll think of something.

There’s always a bit left over.

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  1. A common scene in the Female Supremacist Matriarchy well except for the broken down building. Lots of males in National Service to repair them. But is she a plain clothes police Woman or just an ordinary Joanne. One doesn't want to offend by asking for ID.


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