Let’s spend the night together

Now, this time around, your night in the cage is going to be
a little different.
Why?  Because Mistress says so of course.  But if you mean “In what way, Mistress?”, well, it’s because
you’ll have a little friend to keep you company, that’s why.
Can you guess?
Well… I read your diary the last time we did this – and
you’ve been keeping a little secret from me, haven’t you?
Begins with ‘A’?
No, I don’t think you’re going to get it.  ‘Arachnophobia’ is the word I was waiting for.
Now calm down.  No,
come on.  Calm down!  It can’t really do you any harm.

Goodness, what an awful racket.  It’s a good thing we soundproofed this
dungeon, isn’t it?  And you know there’s
no point tugging on those chains like that. 
They’re very strong.  We wouldn’t
want your arms free to squash the poor little thing, now, would we?

That’s better.  Try to
breathe normally.

What’s that?  No, of
course you can’t.  Don’t you
remember?  You asked for a session with
no safewords.  I can do anything to you
that doesn’t cause any actual damage. 
Well, this is it.

Anyway, I’ve heard that this sort of thing is the way to
cure these silly little phobias.  You’ve obviously got rather a bad one. 

Well, I’ll be off. 
I’ll just let little Miss Moffit out, and then I’ll close the door nice
and tight so she can’t leave either.

You know, they say the spider is more scared than you
are.  You might want to bear that in mind.  Although, looking at you now,
that’s hard to believe.
Do you think it’s better with the light on… or off?    Better to see it… or just to know it’s there? Oooh, choices, choices. I’
Hmmm.  Tell you what.  I’ll just leave a torch shining from the other side of the dungeon.  Then there will be a few well-lit spots, but mostly it’ll be dark.

I beg your pardon?  No
– of course I don’t want an extra £1000 in tribute!  What a ridiculous thing to say!  You’ve completely broken the mood now.  Well, I mean it would be nice.  I’ll let you give it to me afterwards.  But it won’t get you out of this.  Bad boy – you’ll get an extra six hours for that.  Release won’t be until after lunchtime tomorrow.

Goodnight.  Play nice. 
(Now come on Sweetie…out you go, now… there!)

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  1. Brilliant! The false idea of choice and one worse than the other. Lovely mind fuck.


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