Some of them want to abuse you

and the rest don’t really, but they’ll probably have a go if there’s nothing else to do.

Anyway, you need to go to bed early so you can get up in time to do all your chores, right?

If you survive the mixing process, you’ll be encased in concrete forever.  What’s not to like?

Just routine.  Nothing to worry about.

Actually, I had a similar experience a year or so ago.  My doctor put me on a course of pain-killers, just before I was due to visit my Significant Other.  A bit pointless, really.

It’s partly that he doesn’t see new people very often, of course.

4 thoughts on “Some of them want to abuse you”

  1. Would getting neutered improve his odds? Or will some employers just automatically have their males "fixed", should an intact one prove the best candidate?

  2. Well, I think it's just bureaucracy, really, you know? Still, might as well have the op. It can't hurt.

    Well..I mean, it can. Hurt, that is. Obvioiusly.

    1. Either way the reader wonders why his girlfriend seems so flip about it. Does she have some kind of contingency plan in case he gets neutered?

      1. I suspect she’s just one of those people who doesn’t like to plan too much, Mr A. She prefers her life full of surprises and I think she’s fine with her boyfriend encountering something a little unexpected too.

        Best wishes


        PS, it makes a refreshing change to have a reader wondering about something other than why the blog doesn’t feature more pictures of ladies with big tits in tight latex (or, to be fair to my readership, pictures of Anne Hathaway saying implausibly stern things as US President*).

        * Because I can’t think of any, that’s why.

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