Hmm? No – lots of men ask about that. I suppose it was a bit
strange at first. But after the first week or so, working on the castration
ward just feels like working anywhere else in the hospital. I’ve been doing it
for almost two years now –bit boring actually.

Right – now we’re just removing the testes today, OK? Then
your penectomy’s tomorrow. It’s best to get the testicles out of the way first,
so there’s no danger of tumescence during the operation.

Oh now, come on. It’ll be all right. Nothing to worry about.
I castrated two men this morning, and I’ll probably get another three done
after I’ve finished with you. Just relax. You’re in good hands.

My name’s Deborah, by the way! Sorry – nearly forgot to say!
Terrible really, you know – it can get so routine, I just think of you as my
“10 am castration”. But every patient’s different, aren’t they? A real person, not
just a set of genitals to be removed.

Anyway – you’re John, aren’t you?  Oh – really?  Are you?  Oh, I’m really sorry, George.  Maybe John’s one of the ones this afternoon.  I’m sure there was a John.  Anyway – pleased to meet you, John – George!  I’m Deborah.  Debbie, really.

Anyway, let’s get on with it. Ready? You might want to look
away during the procedure. Just look at the chart behind my head, or something.
Won’t take a moment.

Here we go.

0 thoughts on “Routine”

  1. Feels like its missing something, actually. Something that would depersonalize him more, make him seem less like an individual. Like initially greeting him by his patient number, then the John/George bit, then absent-mindedly referring to him as his patient number again. Or scanning a tattooed slave/male barcode, and then continually referring to him by that number. Or perhaps by some feature of his genitalia – 5 incher, 12 ouncer . . . something like that (although I'm not as sold on that option).

  2. That's a good attitude, Sharon!

    That's true anon -castration and being given a barcode number or female slave name would be a great punishment for sex offenders!

  3. Yes love the banality of beauty (not evil ) here. Love the idea of objectifying the male by weight of testes or penile length.


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