Special pleading

…it’s her favourite sort.

Eleise de Lacy is God
It’s best to take it bit by bit.  Remember, Ladies, you can always have another go and take off a few more IQ points if he’s still uppity, but if you hold on too long and you’ve got a drooling idiot who’s too stupid to work the vacuum cleaner, you’ll regret it the next time you want the floor cleaned!
 I take it no one in my audience will fail to recognise these as the magnificent Eleise de Lacy and Domina Lisa, here in a Femme Fatale Films production?
Thought not – you bunch of perverts.

Henpecked slave
I think she’d better watch out.  He could turn – just like that.
 This is from Planet Femdom.  I have loads of stills from this shoot – it’s great, don’t you think?  He’s so small!  She’s so tall!  Brilliant! I’m just going to keep on putting essentially the same caption on all of them.  Love it!

Pet play special
And then of course there’s the pie still to eat.  Actually, it really wasn’t that great.  But you don’t want to tell her that.

Femdom control
Seems fair.  And if it doesn’t seem fair to you, I really wouldn’t recommend pointing that out to her.

Disgraceful objectified sexist trash
Best not to get high on your own supply, after all.  I personally never masturbate when creating or posting captioned images.  Nor do I ever tell lies.  And of course, I should be severely punished were I to break either of those rules….

0 thoughts on “Special pleading”

  1. Great set of beautiful women. I am in full agreement with the second last Lady, boys need a firm caning if caught masturbating by the Lady of the House.

  2. I agree -some strokes of the cane for masturbation should be the ruls.Love the uniforms in the first pic -they better be careful they don't create a "himbo" though -good looking but unable to follow orders..)

  3. "they better be careful they don't create a "himbo" though -good looking but unable to follow orders"

    I wouldn't worry about it – they can always get another one if they go too far.

  4. Thank you Simcor. Do note the qualification she inserted, though: "without permission". As long as you have her permission, it's absolutely fine. So you can lie there, night after night, hands resting clearly outside the bedclothes, thinking about whether, one day, she might grant it.

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