It was 50 years ago tomorrow










Do you see what I did, there?  No?  Oh.  Well you should get out less, then.  Watch more TV.


Oh – and a bonus one (doesn’t count as one of the five, because the picture quality is poor):


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  1. Most enjoyable. Especially the courtroom scene, nicely done that (as ever, and who is a random internet stranger to offer fulsome praise anyway?).

    A shame you didn't use Ms Gillan's police garb…

  2. Those pics wewre so hot, I alnost had to call the Doctor.) .Latest news from court is thst the indecent exposure charges were dropped due tol ack of evidence but for trying to be be sex pest,that'll be 5 years of servitude in a corrrectional institution where are all these striict women work..).i:ll let you decide whoch one you would prefer as a prison officer, warden, nurse or compulsory physical training teacher..

  3. Any and all punishments are worth suffering, if it means being a Companion's companion! What a group of women – absolutely devastating in beauty and demeanor.

  4. Wonderful again…

    As to the court room scene

    "Even though he knew this was the only approach to take, he couldn't help feeling that his barrister seemed to relish her opening address. He began to think she was looking forward to this hearing."

  5. Now then. No one here gets to insult the commenters except me. You disgusting, worthless little pervert.

    (as indeed are we all…).

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