A turning point

Many of you seem to like the series ‘turning points’: captioned images of situations that are not exactly femdom.  But could be.  Like this.

Anyway, in the same theme here is one of those little stories that’s just too damn big to fit as a caption.


Hmmm?  My riding lesson?
No, it was
rubbish, actually.  They gave me that
grey horse again – the lazy one.  And he
kept refusing the jump so I gave him a few sharp taps with the whip – you
know.  And then he refused it again, so I
decided to show him who was boss.  So I
was giving the lazy bastard some good hard cracks right across his rump when
the instructor came up and told me I was giving him too much whip!  That I should be trying to coax the stupid
animal instead of thrashing him!  Can you
She said she’d cancel the lesson if I didn’t stop.  So of course I did…but can you imagine?  It drove me mad, trotting around on this lazy
old thing and I couldn’t do anything but tap it gently.  I’ll swear the brute was laughing at me!  You know how frustrated and angry I get when
I don’t get my way.  Grrr.
Anyway, when we finished and I took him back to the stall
and tied his reins up, she wasn’t around. 
So I gave him 12 good hard ones! 
He didn’t like that, I can tell you. 
He was jumping about and trying to get his head around, but I was standing well to the side.  And I laid them on good and hard – raised some lovely welts. 
Anyway, I’m sure it did him a power of good.  When I walked past a bit later on the way to the car, he caught sight of me and
cringed.  Really.  Have you ever seen a horse cringe?  I don’t think he’s going to
forget me in a hurry!  In fact, I might
ask to have him again next time.  I think
we’ll be jumping those fences very nicely.
So… that was my day. 
Still feeling angry.
How about you – did you fix that leaking pipe?
Oh darling!  I can’t
believe it – I asked you specially!  Now
how am I going to wash all this stable smell off?  What have you been doing all this time?  Just lying about watching TV and surfing the internet I suppose!
Honestly – you do make me cross sometimes. You really do.

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