More turning points

This is the second in what is turning into a series, currently of two.  Part 1 here.  It’s captioned images of situations that aren’t femdom!  Pretty exciting huh?  If rather a risky development, for a blog about errr, femdom.

But the point is that these are situations that could develop into female domination.  Rather quickly, in most cases.  In some there is a choice, in others there isn’t.  But whether you take the choice to turn, or the choice is made for you… these are turning points.

If it’s a bit too mild for you try…well, almost any page on this blog, really.  This, for example.





0 thoughts on “More turning points”

  1. You're very kind. Which I guess considering how much I have been known to pay for people to be unkind to me, really ought not to be an expresion of gratitude – but it is, nonetheless. Keep coming back, AP.

  2. You are brilliant Sevitor. Just nice to see a Female Led relationship in its embryonic stages.


  3. What a delight and an honour for me, to have amused you, my Lady. And how kind it was of you to tell me. Thank you so much.

    Your happy little servitor.

  4. I also ADORE this series…my fantasy caption is a gorgeous wife having her perfect nails manicured…a captioned, almost absent-minded thought…"i wonder if i could pluck his testicles from their protective sac with these" she softly giggles to herself.

    thanks once more


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