La belle dame sans merci

More images of female domination, captioned ones.

Nazi dominatrix oh my
Just scream to let them know when it’s back on, would you?

If I want to keep those stats up, I guess I’m going to have to start offering housework tips here…

Mmm…well, that was fun.  Schoolboy session next month – four hours in detention writing lines, wasn’t it?  Something to look forward to.

Men – being crude and ignorant – need to train themselves to watch out for these subtle clues.  Or women need to train them.

Yes.  Then they’ll definitely be gay.  And married!

0 thoughts on “La belle dame sans merci”

  1. amazing one of your strongest sets ever!

    please do someone with lots of female celebs as well though

  2. Detention ad wearing of punishmet uniform extended to 8 hours for enjoying it too much, Linewriter..)

  3. The NetNanny is just perfect ­čÖé Hope she made sure that he also has a time limit?

  4. I know. I find I can hardly wait, for the excitement. It's so frustrating sitting in my little office doing routine work as the long hours drag past…waiting for the day when I can sit in a little room doing routine work as the long hours drag past… for her.

  5. My problem is I don't tend to know which pictures I find on the Internet are 'celebrities' and which aren't. With one exception (select 'heart-stopping beauty' in the tag cloud).

  6. Sorry to take so long replying. It's getting harder to hack around her passwords.

    Thank you both for thoise comments. Yes, this 'gentle' control is something I do try to cover…along with the extreme violence angle as well, of course. I particularly like the way she's not pushing it at all… simply stating it as an established fact.

  7. Well, I don't think she needs to go that far. There's only so long you can spend on housework sites, after all. And he knows he has to get his chores done, because she's explained the consequences of not doing so quite firmly.

    I'd tell you more about this, but I am afraid she recently reduced my time allowance, so I'm running out o

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