Yours severely

Captioned images of… erm…… oh, I expect I’ll think of something.

Ridiculously overpriced, I know, but if they’re in fashion, I guess she has to have one.

Often, anniversaries are a good opportunity for a really honest talk about your relationship.  Or for just fucking off and not bothering her.  One or the other – just see how it goes on the day, I suggest.

Back to normal tomorrow, I expect.

The lady, of course, is the imperious Goddess Bojana, whom brave souls can discover at the address on the image.

Do try to keep up.

Image from

It has absolutely nothing to do with female domination, but if you haven’t see the seal clip, I do actually recommend it.

I don’t know much about, I’m afraid, but Google says they have the best big titties and bootie on the Internet.  Not really my kind of thing, and anyway I’m not allowed.  But it’s a very nice picture.

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  1. I see she is adding to her recipe for Marks food by spitting into it. Isn't that thoughtful. Now he has at least two things from her body that will be within him.


  2. Its ecological! He recycles her bodies waste products thus reducing the amount of times the toilet is flushed.


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