Female domination – all the stories

I have collected together all of my stories published on this blog until about the start of this year, and uploaded them onto Scribd as pdf files.  There are about 30 stories, organised into four sections.  I have tried to make them look a bit like books, and they’re collected in two volumes.  All were previously published here.

Use the links below to find them.  You can read them online or download, but I’d recommend the latter as I don’t think Scribd particularly approves of this sort of thing, so they might disappear.

I have marked them as “private” Scribd documents, so they cannot be found directly by search engines, as Scribd doesn’t seem to have any adult filters or anything.  I’ll put some permanent links to them in the sidebar at some point.  You should be able to reach them, and download them for free by using the links below.  If you can’t, please let me know and I’ll sort it out.






* Do feel free to let me know, if you like my stories or captions, or anything.

And if you really don’t like something, let me know about that too, as in a couple of weeks, I’ll be visiting this lady (Lady Sophia Black – portrait below), and I’m sure she’d love to hear feedback about my failings and faults.

0 thoughts on “Female domination – all the stories”

  1. Note to Servitor: Love your stuff.

    Note to Lady Sophia Black: I'm so sorry to hear that you're going to have to put up with such a pathetic, mewling little excuse for "man" as servitor for any amount of thime. The things he writes are, I believe, highly disrespectful to dominant women, presenting them as mere wank objects for sad creatures like himself. I truly hope that you will show no mercy and punish "him" to an extent that will go far beyond what even such a sick little pervert could possibly take pleasure in.

  2. I can see you bing confined to the cage with complete loss of priveleges for at least another week, Servitor..)

  3. Actually, I suspect my readers prefer my tales of merciless beatings and harsh torture to the reality that is Servitor in session.

    This mostly consists of howling at the lightest touch of an implement, begging to be let up from sore knees after just a couple of minutes and fits of nervous giggles. When I first started sessioning for real, a few years back, I have to confess I was a great disappointment to myself. A better masochist in theory than in practice…

    …but I usually manage to make her laugh a few times anyway, and I give presents, so it's not all bad…

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