Time to take the red pill

Another positive image of a healthy female-male relationship, bringing some sanity to this mad world.
“But why would anyone want such a thing?”, Sandra asked with
genuine puzzlement.  “I mean – it’s so
Dr Taylor nodded gravely. 
“It is quite bizarre” she replied. 
“And of course most women react just the way you do.  That’s a normal, healthy reaction.  But some just crave the degradation, or maybe
they’re just so bored with this ordinary world of ours that they’ll even
fantasise about something as perverted as that, just for the thrill of it.”
Sandra nodded.  She
was aware of “Male Dom porn” of course. 
At school once, she’d come into possession of a battered magazine, that
she’d eagerly hidden away on the assumption that it was the usual sexy images
of men being beaten – stuff that was wildly exciting to an adolescent
schoolgirl at the time, although pretty tame softcore stuff by today’s
standards.  But this magazine had been something
very different – full of photos of men standing over women, of women forced to
wear little maids’ outfits and do housework, while men stood about without a
chastity belt in sight and played with their penises.  Although thankfully there was no photo, one
cartoon had even shown a woman on her knees, taking a man’s penis in her…in her
mouth.  She had closed the magazine
immediately in shock, and thrown it away but the image had haunted her for
weeks.  She’d occasionally tried to tell
herself it was just a slightly kinky sexy castration scene, as the woman was
obviously about to bite the penis off. 
But she knew in her heart that it was nothing so innocuous, but
something much darker and more depraved.
She shuddered at the thought, and focused again on the
screen in front of them.
“And this stuff is a sort of male dom fantasy site is it?  There’s some perverted old woman lying in her
apartment somewhere wearing a VR suit and vibrating off to it?”
“If it was just that, it wouldn’t be so worrying” the Doctor
replied.  “It’s not just a wanking scene –
it’s more immersive than that.  These
weirdos have constructed a whole alternative reality, in which normal life is
turned upside down.  We think they used
one of the newer MMOs as a base, but even so, the detail is incredible.  There are entire cities simulated here, you
can buy newspapers and read them from cover to cover, books as well, TV… there’s
even an Internet within this VR!”
“So someone could be living in it full time?  Would they know it’s not the real world?”
Sandra asked in puzzlement.
“Well…you’d think so.” Dr Taylor replied.  “Not from any fault in the simulation itself,
that’s perfect.  But the whole thing is
just so bizarre and perverted no one normal could be fooled for a second.  You might go to work in an ordinary building,
but there would be men in all sorts of positions of power.  Many of the simulation’s residents seem to
get off on playing secretaries to bossy men, nurses to male doctors – that sort
of thing.”
“Male doctors! “ Sandra chuckled, and Dr Taylor smiled.
“I know, it’s all quite ridiculous.  But look –they’ve even created an imaginary
country – the United Kingdom.  They often
do that sort of thing – take a perfectly ordinary word like “queendom” and
masculise it.  I suppose they find that
sexy.  But its political leader is a man,
it has an army and police force of men in uniforms…all sorts of kinky
stuff.  There’s another called the United
States of America – now that one’s really weird.  And don’t even ask me about Saudi Arabia;
that’s a kind of hard core enclave.  It’s
a bit too much even for most of these sick perverts.”
“We’ve been aware of it for quite a while, but the increase
in complexity and realism of the simulation that we’ve observed lately is quite
alarming.  So we’ve decided to shut it
down.  And that’s where you come in.”
“So you’re going to pull the plug?” Sandra asked.  “Snap the perverts back into the land of the
Dr Taylor shook her head. 
“That would be too much of a shock” she replied, sadly.  “We think many of the simulation’s residents
have gone too far – to suddenly experience a total shutdown of this entire
immersive simulation could cause severe brain damage – even death.”
“Most of them must be brain damaged already, if you ask me”
Sandra muttered, looking at a screen showing a roomful of men watching women
parading in absurd, lacy underwear.  Sick
“They’re citizens too” Dr Taylor remarked sharply.  “And there may be tens of thousands of
them.  Plus there are men in there too –
poor things, I don’t suppose they had much choice in the matter.”
Sandra nodded.  That
was one of the ironies about MaleDom. 
Although it depicted men as powerful “masters”, it was well known that
almost no men were really into this sort of roleplay.  Any man dressing up in trousers and ordering
a woman to iron his shirt was probably only doing it to please her, craving
instead a normal relationship, and maybe even a cosy, sexy evening under her
“So what do we do?” she asked.
“We create little windows into the real world” Dr Taylor
said, turning back towards the screen.  “Glimpses
and hints of ordinary life.  We hope that
the residents will take an interest, and slowly be drawn out of their sick
fantasy – if they can just get enough reality into their lives for them to
question this absurd simulation, then they might be able to come out. And then
we can give them help, nurse them back to reality.“
Sandra nodded.  “And
so you create web sites, showing normal life. 
Healthy relationships, to counterbalance all the sick stuff elsewhere.” 
“That’s right” Dr Taylor agreed.  “Look – this is one of the first, the Other World Kingdom.  See, it maintained a link to the fantasy
world in that ridiculous name, but then it presented a rather straight
depiction of normal female-male relationships. 
But we found it was a bit too realistic for many of the long term
residents.  It was as if they’d been immersed
in their sick world so long, that they could hardly connect with unvarnished
reality like that. 
So we closed it down,
although the site is still there.  But
there are a lot of other sites that we’ve seeded all through the simulation,
some of them straight presentations of reality, but others more like a tweak on
the simulation’s world.  Look – Femdom Resource, that’s one of the
best.  And there are many more: Strict Women, Woman Worship,  Underling’s Humblings, Aarkeybabble, Improbable
Fun, Total Discord, Astonished by Her
…all present images and accounts of normal,
healthy relations between the sexes.   Then we’re gradually filling Tumblr with
pictures of women wearing normal clothes – look, there’s Hochhael, for example, or Diederiq
and Femdom Style Counsel.  And of course we try to counter the flood of
sick sex videos with clips of normal sexual behaviour.”
They watched a video of a man being beaten over a trestle,
for a minute or so.  His screams and frantic
pleading seemed to provide a rare moment of healthy normality, amid all of the
sick material showing naked men having sex without even a nipple clamp to
provide the poor boys with so much as a hint of good clean, sexy pain
“So where do I come in?” Sandra asked.
Dr Taylor clicked on a few links and nodded at the
screen.  “There.  Contemplating the Divine.  Once it was one of our more promising web
sites, but it’s really gone off lately – stale, derivative and tedious.  The lady in charge of it lost interest, and
as you’re well known as a writer of erotic stories, we wondered whether
you’d like to take charge?  And I have to
say – I read your novel “Cutting Eric” when it came out and I thought it was
great.  I can see why they call you the
queen of castration lit.”
Sandra smiled politely. 
Actually, she didn’t really like that title.  She thought of her work as more complex than
run-of-the-mill ‘castration lit’, instead exploring social themes and developing
narratives of character development, around sexy little scenes of men being
painfully castrated.  But she liked the
recognition anyway, and she always acknowledged compliments.
“So do you want me to write for the site? Am I supposed to
be ‘Servitor’?”
“Well… Servitor’s never really been just one person, of
course.” The Doctor replied.  “It’s a
team of seven men, chained up in a cellar just below us, working away on
captions and stories fourteen hours a day. 
But you could maybe give them occasional ideas, whip them once or twice
a day, that kind of thing?  I still think
Contemplating the Divine has potential, if we can just flog a bit more
creativity out of the “Servitor” we’ve got. They all have to work a lot harder, and for that someone has to really hurt them.  I think if they could only be put
in absolute agony on a regular basis, their lives made a waking nightmare of pain and terror, they might still come up with some amusing
ideas. Worth a try, anyway, because the site’s rubbish at the moment.”
Sandra pursed her lips. 
“Well…I’ve got a lot on, just now, and 
– “
“Did I mention that four of the Servitor team are
uncastrated?” Dr Taylor asked, quietly.  “Of
course, if you take charge of them, you’re welcome to play with them however
you like.”
Sandra beamed.  “Well…if
you put it like that.” she said
“All right – I’ll do it. 
Maybe we could even video them being castrated, and put it into the
simulation.  I can’t believe these sad
perverts are so far gone that they wouldn’t get turned on at the sight of a screaming
man having his testicles slowly pulled off with a rusty chain!”
Dr Taylor flushed with pleasure.  “Oh, that sounds so lovely.  You know sometimes, I feel so dirty from looking
at all this sick perverted stuff, that I forget the pleasures of a sweet,
romantic scene like that!”
“Come on – let’s go and introduce ‘Servitor’ to their new
If you’ve read down this far, I have a message for you.  You probably read this as “Femdom fiction”, and that’s how it has been presented.  But just think for a moment.  Think about the world you believe you inhabit.  Does it really make sense to you, that it should be like that?
If you have already started to doubt, then that is because reality is seeping into the corners of your mad delusion.  Keep reading Contemplating the Divine.  Keep reading the other web sites mentioned in this ‘story’.  There is hope for you, and I can help. 
My name is Sandra, and I promise you I will not abandon you.  I promise you I will make “Servitor” howl in agony and terror every day, until this web site becomes more interesting.  I am not going to give up, not until I have helped bring every one of you back into the real world, and this sick “Planet Earth” fantasy can be shut down for good.  I promise you that a better world already exists.  You just have to learn to believe in it.  I will not write like this often, but I am always here, standing over “Servitor”, thinking of you.

Let me help.  S.

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  1. Madam Sandra,

    I think I'm ready to come back into the real world now! It sounds much better to have a woman to take care of and lead me…

    How do I get out?


  2. An alternative universe where men are dominant. I think there are some very delusional people out there.Femsup

  3. What a wonderfully unusual and imaginative story! This was really excellent – top-class fiction that never lost its amusing – or arousing side from beginning to end.

    A tour de force in this kind of literature – thank you, servitor – you are a wizard with words – top marks, ten stars – whichever method you use to keep score, take it all!

  4. Ladies first, please Anon. When all the ladies currently addicted to the simulation are clear, then we'll turn it off and the men will be out too. Men are less susceptible to brain damage anyway, or at least the consequences aren't so noticeable.


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