Holy terror

Pray for mercy…but maybe not just yet.

tawse schoolmistress yum
…and heaven help you if they don’t add up to 48.

Three dominatrices and a cage
Don’t worry, though – she retains some rights.  If they want to cause any permanent physical damage, they have to seek her permission first – and you’ll be allowed to beg her for mercy.

Cross femdom wife
Let’s hope she doesn’t stay cross for long.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always forgetting my permit.  It makes my wife so cross – you know, she said then  next time I get put in the pound, I can just stay there for a week or two as far as she’s concerned!  She is funny…

Don’t forget to tell her how fabulous you think she looks, and give her a kiss for good luck, before you go back to your lonely little apartment and switch on the computer.

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  1. Oh no, I've forgooten my permit again -how stupid of me! My wife says i derseve the 7 days inside for my carelessness so I 'll have to go to jail as a humble inmate totally under the female sherrif' s command. Maybe we'll have to share a cell, kathy's obedient wife…)

  2. A warning to men who break the law by Inmate 60331

    My wife warned me that this would happen and I'd only have myself to blame. I was becoming arrogant and disobedient and i'd often go out without my signed permit -It seemed silly to display it prominently at all times and what were they going to do to me anyway?I'd been warned twice by female officers and my wife was very angry by the second time when she had to pick me from the police station and aplogise.I was confined to the house and given extra domestic duties for the next 2 weeks.

    When I was allowec out again, I delibrately "forgot the permit". "That'll show her!" I thought but within 5 minutes I was stopped by the town's new sheriff. "Show your permit!" she demanded -one of my officers said you too fond of "forgetting" it!" Of course I didn't have it which made her very angry."She rang my wife and said "I''m sorry but I can't let a delbrate flouting of the law go unpunished this time. A $5,000 fine will be payable on collecting him!".I could see the sheriff smile as she said "Your wife said to let him take his punishment -an alternative to the fine is 15 days jail time" "I'm sorry, ma'am. It'll never happen again" I said humbly but the sheriff was unimpressed and cuffed me in front of lots of amused female onlookers.

    I'm now clearing rubbish in the town chained to the other cons dressed in a bright pink jumpsuit weasring a 6 ft placard saying "60331 thought he was too important to display his permit" .

    "You missed a bit, 60331" sneers the sheriff! "Oh well, we get on with our duties, Servitor or our time will be extended2 I whisper to a fellow inmate..)

  3. Why is she referring to him as Sir ,the way a man should be addressed to is you worm or you worthless creature and she definitely does not have to say please

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