School bullying

Scenes from Servitor’s so-called life part 2 (of rather too many).

I guess it won’t surprise regular readers of this blog to learn that I was bullied at school.  It was rather traumatic actually, still something I can’t really face properly when I look back upon it.  There was this gang of older girls at break-time, and they’d take my lunch money, and beat me up, and pull my trousers down and spank me… and all sorts of frankly quite sexual humiliations.  Then one day they refused to take the lunch money any more, so it all had to stop.  They never told me why, never told me what had changed.  A heartbreaking moment.


OK, on with the therapy.

Femdom bullies biology project
You’d think that having biology teacher as their test subject would have helped, but he never made one useful suggestion the whole time.  Just cried, and pleaded – that sort of thing.  Very disappointing.

Caned on first name terms
They later got married!  True story.

Dominatrix is not playing
Oooo!  Do you think they’re planning some sort of surprise for him?  What fun!

Wife led marriage
I used to find these big decisions really difficult, so it’s great not being allowed to take them any more.

Cross domme
A new femdom fetish meme: dommes feeling humiliated.  Really, you don’t want to stand too close to one.

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  1. If the caning rights aren't enough, it's the special uniform privileges that really make being a prefect worthwhile. I was certainly never allowed to wear heels like that at school!

  2. Well, it's not that simple.

    She's not supposed to – and when he first heard about it, the headmaster called her straight to his office. He must have given her quite a hard time about it, because I can tell you, the sound of a cane swishing repeatedly was clearly heard through his office door (I was picking up some papers I'd dropped nearby at the time), and he was obviously putting his back into it, because I could hear him grunting and gasping through the whole procedure. It went on for at least ten minutes (I'd dropped quite a lot of papers, and dropped a few more as I tried to gather them up). Quite an ordeal for her, poor little thing.

    Yet after all that, out she comes, cool as a cucumber, still wearing the heels, and the headmaster later sends a note around detailing her special uniform privileges! Go figure, as our American chums say.

  3. Love the story and ye pretect's uniform-wonder if I'd have to wear a punishment uniform if I was being caned -like bright pink shorts and T-shirt and white plimsolls..)

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