Little things that make her laugh

Scenes from Servitor’s so-called life (Part 1 of rather too many).

I have to say, it was very disappointing, on my first date with Alice, that she not only laughed at my manhood, she pulled out a ruler and insisted on measuring it, right then and there.  I just think that was a bit unnecessary, you know, especially on a first date like that.  And quite apart from the humiliation it caused me, I think it was pretty unfair to spoil the evening for all those other diners.  I still haven’t been back to that restaurant.

Ah well.  On with more of this:

Lesbian femdom marriage ahhh
Ahhh.  Isn’t that sweet?

Wife whips off the blues
Well, she doesn’t always bother to tell him about it, not the detailed causes anyway.  She’s just looking to share the pain, not for any suggestions he could come up with.  It’s a Mars/Venus thing, you know?

Looking good mistress
Let’s hope she doesn’t go home with someone this time, as the nights can get pretty uncomfortable.  As long as no one at the club tries to pick her up, you should be all right, though.,


Mean girl femdom booo
My mother always used to say that, when I was growing up.  And when I discovered girls, in my teens, I understood what she meant.

Well, that’s very kind of her, isn’t it?  Very understanding.  Not like Alice.  Remember Alice?  It’s a blog post about Alice…

0 thoughts on “Little things that make her laugh”

  1. Servitor, did you just combine femdom, captions of hot women leaving their pet to suffer while they go out clubbing, and a reference to anti-Vietnam littering-based protest songs in a single blog post? I am genuinely in awe. And quite keen to find myself in the situation of the pig in image four…

  2. Ah, now Steve, I'm the one genuinely in awe. That one was rather obscure, and I was pretty sure no one but me would enjoy it. But then, that doesn't usually stop me…

    You win the prize. In fact, you can get anything you want. Exceptin' Alice.

  3. Gosh, it's so hard to choose! I'll, uh, take the one second from right in the penultimate picture please, Bob. She looks like she's got a good sense of humour…

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