The unfairer sex

Oh dear.  You don’t think they’ll tell the other girls in the office do you?

Actually, he’s in for a nice surprise in a couple of months.  She’s going to come in, first thing in the morning, and remove the chain completely.  Only as an April fool’s joke, mind, but for a few hours he’ll be happy.

Castration self-help
I’ve never believed in all that star-sign nonsense.  Although, my own horoscope last week just said “Nothing but pain and humiliation.  Loser”.  Do you think there might be something in it, after all?

maintenance caning
Poor thing, she looks exhausted.  I wonder what she’s been doing?

Humiliating girl talk
Be nice.  You’ll probably be left to her in your wife’s will.

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  1. "……but for a few hours he'll be happy."? I don't think so. This man is the real stuff, seducing and manipulating his owner without her even noticing. He's calling the shots, desperately praying now that his ordeal of April 01 coming, will be a once in a lifetime joke.

    Pssttt….those spare chain links actually are his trophies!

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