What’s my fetish?

I have a wide range of sexual interests, as regular readers of this blog will know only too well.  But like many bloggers in the femdom community, I am obsessed with precise definitions of terms, so I spend ages worrying about whether what I like is “really” a fetish, and discussing that obsessively in lengthy blog posts.

So – I found an online dictionary that said that something is a fetish for you, if you cannot become aroused, or achieve sexual release without it.

And that’s all I needed.  I have a “Doing all my chores to her satisfaction, and not being too irritating” fetish.  There’s probably a latin name for it.

OWK Madame Sarka and a very rude word
Well I can’t tell you what it means.  I’m not even allowed to think – let alone write – that word in English.   Here, for goodness sake.

Pegged femdom oh my
Don’t worry, you’ll find quite quickly that the pain in your knees will make you forget all about the taste in your mouth.

How embarrassing for her.  I wonder what she’ll do?

Castrated to orgasm
It’s great when someone really enjoys their work.

She Hathaway with my heart
Yes.  Yes, that would be perfect.

0 thoughts on “What’s my fetish?”

  1. Oh, I think that's a bit of an over-reaction, really, mysster.

    It's just a bit more convenient this way, you know? I mean no need to go around worrying about silly little things like a charge of assault if she breaks your arm, that kind of thing. And it will be so much more convenient when she gets bored, and wants a new boy, too.

    Just making her life a bit easier…it's what it's all about really, isn't it?

  2. Yes, I know it's much too small to satisfy, but I'm afraid that's just the size it is.

    I'm sure I've used those words before somewhere…

  3. Could you give me the source of picture 4? My mistress wishes to reward my housework.

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