…aaaand you think I’m sexy…

It seems that Google has changed its image search alogorithm, so it doesn’t show pornographic pictures in response to most searches.  Unless there’s a clear request for porn.

But “Contemplating the Divine” brings up lots of my captions…

…which can only mean Google doesn’t think my blog’s sexy!


(Hurt sniffle)

I shall carry on, regardless.  As my SO likes to say, it’s a good thing I’m so stupid or I’d realise how unattractive I am.

Ms Haberman.  Lexx.  Try it if you haven’t.

Giddyup slave
It’s taken them almost four hours to get from her house in town.  Hope he’s enjoying it.

Ex wife future domme
Actually, the divorce was rather acrimonious.  But I’m sure she won’t want to bring up all those old rows now.  Not all at once.

Wait for release
Well, yes, I suppose she could shift it to another day, or quickly pull you off before you go out.  But it’s just such a fuss, don’t you think?  Easier all round just to leave it this month.  I’m sure you won’t miss it – Marie’s a super cook!


Anne teaches a lesson
It’s good when people can find personal satisfaction in their professional lives. In my job, for example, I’m completely useless and I’m always getting shouted at by people, some of whom are women.  Makes it all worthwhile.

0 thoughts on “…aaaand you think I’m sexy…”

  1. No. Freaking. Way. You're a fan of Lexx, too?!? You're the first person I've ever bumped into who even knew the show existed, let alone knew about a stunning, unappreciated actress who was only in one season! Servitor, you're the coolest! ­čśë

    Oh, how I used to envy Stanley and the way he was constantly teased and denied…

  2. Thank you. My Significant Other is opposed to sexiness oozing, leaking or in any other way staining the carpet, but I appreciate the sentiment nonetheless.

  3. Aahhh…Ms Habermann. I worship her divine shadow.

    The "Girlstown" episode even examines a female-led society. However, apart from dressing men up in aprons and making them do the ironing, the main form of female oppression appeared to be bureaucratic debate ("Madame Chairwoman, I have tabled a point of order and standing rules clearly state that this must be addressed before continuing with the substantive motion…" etc). And that just reminded me of waaay too many student union debates, that sadly were the antithesis of sexy. Still, worth a go.

    Anyway, you like Lexx too, so let's be the coolest together. Love your blog.


  4. Well, thank you for your comment, ricky. I read it and thought it was very nice, even if you had second thoughts. Welcome to the blog.

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