Try to see it Her way

Femdom bride of course
Quite a moment here, in your marriage.  Because it’s the last time you’ll hear “fetch the canvas bag” without experiencing that stab of fear.

Domme hunt
Nothing wrong with a healthy day’s sport.  Really, they’re just helping Nature to keep the numbers down.

Another femdom castration caption?  Dear me
Hmmm… she’s rather pretty isn’t she?  It’ll be fun fantasising about her when you’re lying in bed after your operation.  As long as your throat doesn’t ache so much you’re not feeling in the mood, anyway.  Something to look forward to!

Lesbian twosome is the closest youll get
God, it can be agonising waiting for a woman to come sometimes, can’t it?  Especially when you’ve started drawing blood.  Oh well – better get on with it.

Femdom mercy or merci
Really, you can scream and beg as much as you like.  She doesn’t mind at all.

0 thoughts on “Try to see it Her way”

  1. I like them all, especially Bride 2.

    But as an unreformed "caption fixer" I'm off to Photoshop to do my preferred version of Mercy Miranda "… Then if I think I'm being to rough with you, I'll ease up a bit. And if I decide to carry on, you can call out again as often as you like, OK?" Just my personal bias towards femdom being a couples thing, with her lover(s) being inferred but never seen by him. Having said that, the changed version is going in my "favorites" folder.

    I really should stop tweaking other people's captions but it's just too tempting. Somebody stop me before I photoshop again.

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