I have to praise Her

…like I should…

Whipped to orgasm

Although to be fair, it takes him even longer.  Months, usually.

Terminal OWK - very poor taste
Oh don’t worry – it’s just a caption, she’s not really that unfeeling.  Anyway, she got another one, so it all ended up well.

Female led marriage
Marriage – it takes some getting used to.  Just deciding to eat whenever you feel like it, thinking only of yourself, entering or leaving a room without permission, owning things – you just have to gradually accept that you don’t do that any more.

One femdom swallow does not a summer...oh Im not going there
Refusng to swallow could turn out to be quite hazardous to your health, though.

Muzzled by his domme

0 thoughts on “I have to praise Her”

  1. Just spent a very happy hour going through the site. It's very well done, you have a real flair for this. 🙂
    The offhand tone of the dommes is pretty much perfect.
    I know you're not running a request service, but should you have the inclination, more Keira Knightley ones would be greatly appreciated…

  2. Oh, I certainly have the inclination, ayahush. And I even now have a reasonably good stock of photos of the divine Ms Knightley. Just watch this space… (well, take breaks to eat, and stuff like that. Obviously.)

    Thank you both for your kind comments more generally. It's good to get positive feedback. Although from time to time I do pay ladies huge amounts of money for very, very negative feedback, too. But that's different.

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