Scream nicely, and she might

Oh… and there’s a little extra at the bottom of today’s post.  Just a little something.´╗┐

femdom proper whipping

A day to remember… and then a day you will try desperately to forget.

Crying submissive
It’s not as if your parents haven’t seen you cry before, anyway.

Alpha female pilot
I think it’s every boy’s dream.  To grow up to do the laundry for a real fighter pilot…

Anonymous proxy domme
Well…someone who hasn’t paid, for a start.

Upholstering fetish
Gone but not forgotten.

Extra extra!

Now, for those of you who have been sufficently dedicated to ‘read’ down this far, a little treat.  Here’s a site I discovered yesterday and I can’t understand why I have never come across it (fnar fnar) before,  It’s British, brutal and – well, like Cruella, really.  And I do.  Like Cruella, I mean.

Pay site, and the preview pics are a bit small, but there are over 100 decent-quality (very short!) preview vids to watch.

I think it’s great.  I don’t normally post links – I leave that to the mighty Paltego – but this site just doesn’t seem sufficiently well known.

Obviously, I don’t have any connection with this site.  I don’t have any connection with anything, really. 

Here are a few of the (too small!) preview photos:

Off you go, now.  Don’t keep the Warden waiting.

0 thoughts on “Scream nicely, and she might”

  1. The military one. OH BOING!

    The thought of slaving your days away as the domestic servant of scores if not HUNDREDS of these strong assertive women and getting to apologize and be punished and humiliated by all of them at once?

    Hope they make him scrub the mess hall floor on all fours when they are done punishing him.

    Be still my beating heart!

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