Pervertual reality

Welcome to my world.

Literally femdom
You need to be careful about that.  Dommes can be rather literal-minded.  I told my Significant Other that my heart belonged to her, and it took quite a while (and a lot of cash) to persuade her that it was best to leave it inside me for a while.

Telephone domme
Sometimes, one partner in the relationship has to take the first step, and really try something new, y’know?

Dominatrix in a bad mood
Come to think of it, it was nothing.  Forget it.

Never again chastity boy
It’s just not fair on her, the way it is, do you see?  Having to say no every month – it just makes her the bad guy.  Come on – give a little, here.

Ball-busting literally again
See?  Didn’t I tell you?  If you don’t want them to take your requests literally, just don’t ask.  Now look what you made her do.

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