Caned to…

(So many possibilities)

…amuse her friend?
…help him do a better job of the ironing?
…the sound of The Best of Abba, Vol 2?
…try out a new stroke?
…the sound of girlish laughter?

You decide (if You’re of the superior sex, obviously).

On with the show:

Femdom continuous caning
No rush.  Take your time.  She can even leave you there all night, if you like, and finish off tomorrow.

Sexy double date
Well, obviously if you’re going out to dinner, you’ll be swallowing.  Really – this doesn’t sound so bad at all, does it?

Humiliated just by being there
I used to pay for humiliation sessions, but now what I do instead is just ask ladies I fancy whether they’d like to go out for a drink with me.  It’s a lot cheaper.

Female supremacy date
Whatever you say, I think she’s going to suggest you wear something a bit skimpier, you know.

I’m sure you can think of a good reason between now and tomorrow’s appointment at the clinic.

0 thoughts on “Caned to…”

  1. Wonderful and very intriguing contributions again today. I could say that almost every day, but today you made them (especially the last four) very subtile. I like the second one the most. She is almost innocent while he is almost doomed. Like I said: wonderful!!

  2. Love that fourth one with the Female Supremacist.
    It's a very soft and gentle yet ominous control that she exhibits.
    Just like our world will be when Women finally take over for good.

    I can almost hear her at home: "Of course I'm not interested in your opinions silly! You're just a boy! Now why don't you slip into your sexiest hot pants and that pretty apron I got you and go make mommy some dinner?

    That's a good boy for Mommy!"

    Then she slaps your rump and off you go back to your endless chores to serve her.

  3. Thank you both so much. Andre, ahh you liked the last four… out of five. As my mother would say – "So what's wrong with the first one?" Just joking. I very much appreciate people who take the time to write nice things down here.

    You too, Surrendered Husband. Now what was it made me think you might like that one…?

    Still, enough of this. That pile of clothes won't iron itself and my backside's still sore from yesterday…

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