When sorry is the easiest word to say

Femdom wives know best
She can be quite merciful, actually.  Just never when you really need her to be.

Trimmed to perfection
That’s a bit unfair.  I mean, it’s already quite a dainty one to begin with, isn’t it?  Not many excess ‘unsightly inches’ down there, even now.

Geek domme
And then tomorrow you can move on to Riemann manifolds, because it’s Saturday.

Chaste boyfriend
True friendship.  That’s got to be more important than some shallow, meaningless relationship based on nothing but sex, right?  

Love among the tears

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  1. Thank you, too. I do hope you mean the last one (and not, for example, the one about Maxwell's wave equations) because that was my intention, and I felt inordinately pleased when the right words finally came.

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