They who must be obeyed

The title based of course on the splendid in concept (but disappointing in realisation – just ask a frustated 13 year old desperately looking for femdom material in the early 1980s) nineteenth century novel She, by H Rider Haggard.  There’s actually a sequel too, called Ayesha (although I always thought it ought to have been called She’s Back), which puts me in mind of a remarkable lady with a more serious and worthy blog than this one. She has introduced me and others to the concept of “saudade“, which makes me think that I am perhaps spiritually Galician-Portuguese. 

Anyway, this isn’t getting those captioned images of female domination onto your screens and into your brains, so we’d better get on with it.

Judicial caning x2
Or don’t keep calm.  That bit’s up to you.

I think she’ll come to appreciate the gift in time.  Young love is all very well, but experienced wives know the value of a good leather whip.

If you’re considering asking for a refund, do bear in mind that she is still holding the whip.

Public humiliation and respect
I don’t know why some men pay for public humiliation.  It’s easy enough to get it for free, I find.

Littls snuff scene here but tastefully done
She genuinely doesn’t want to drown him.  There was such a fuss about the last one, after all.

0 thoughts on “They who must be obeyed”

  1. loved all your recent captions especially the Claire Danes castration one,

    would love one featuring my owner, Anne Hathaways mean pixie cut!

  2. "……ought to have been called She's Back" Well, sometimes that book carries the title: "Ayesha: The Return of She" ­čÖé

    Seems u have never heard of "She and Allan" and "Wisdom's Daughter".

    And no, u don't have to write lines now, as contrary to what u wrote almost 1 and a 1/2 year ago in a deliciously wicked and entertaining post, writing lines i consider utterly silly and only suitable for non-slaves and mommy-dommes.

  3. Thank you for the useful information, Ms Fonseca. I am of course relieved not to have to write lines, which I am sure is indeed utterly silly. But then I myself am utterly silly, after all…

  4. Thank you, MJ. I haven't forgotten your superb idea about the divine Anne's pixie cut. Just haven't found exactly the right picture yet… a good idea is worth the search.

  5. Is that the infamous way of quasi putting urself down, or do u get a kick out calling urself silly? Hmmm maybe both?

  6. thanks Servitor, any time you use celebrities is so thrilling they really are the modern equivalent to Goddesses

    luv all the other captions too though

  7. Love your work honey x

    I am so enjoying Kristen Stewarts cruel and thrilling cuckolding of her pretty boy bf lol x

    I can imagine how thrilled she was composing the press release lol she must have been excited!

    Captions are needed. I wonder when she put him into chastity?



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