0 thoughts on “MMMppptthhh!”

  1. Goodness, what a perceptive lady that housemaid is! At least, I assume she's a housemaid. I hope that's not an insulting thing to call her…

    I do look forward to these updates!

    (And, since I'm here lusting uselessly after the third picture anyway, I might as well wish Servitor a good weekend! Try not to spend *all* of it in the cinema…)

  2. (Phew – good to be able to speak again! And breathe. Thank you, Maitresse!)

    Thank you, Steve. Actually, I think she's the school nurse. In any case, I've given her your name and form number, and I expect she'll be round to explain.

    In the cinema, Steve? I can't imagine why I would do that. Is there something good on? I have heard the new Batman movie has some good moments, though, so if I've nothing better to do, I might see if that's on somewhere and check it out maybe 20, 30 times.

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