Devotional intelligence

There are actually scientific tests of men’s devotional intelligence scores.  You’re given a set of 100 statements and asked for your opinion on each, which is then ignored.  It’s very accurate.

Two dommes both looking at me and my brain is gonnehegfetdgdtf
Actually, I don’t think the former owners left the key.  Might just have to leave it there.

Jenny gives her hubby a good brain-zapping
Well, he’s not writhing around on the floor in agony, so something’s obviously wrong.

Burnt flesh showing her name.  Yum
It wouldn’t be so bad, but she just can’t spell for toffee.  “Slutt” indeed – and all over your forehead too!

Sweeps as it beats as it flogs as it teases
Women.  Getting all excited over an ordinary household appliance?  Remember when she got that new iron, and couldn’t stop trying it out on the back of your hand?  Girls and their toys, eh?

Too short to satisify too long to not to care
That’s a bit unfair. But then so was telling all your friends you were too small to satisfy her, and then making you hire her a male escort.  Sometimes life’s not fair like that.  Hey – you’re an impotent cuckold with a tiny cock.  But there’s probably a good side to that, right?  Right?

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  1. I love the photo and caption of the househusband vacuuming. I love how his wife and her female friend take it for granted that he should be doing the housework naked.And i love how the women are basicly ignoring him.I love how they are casually dressed in a relaxed domestic situation.

    A Merry Christmas to you Servitor

  2. Thank you, BOB, and I hope you had a Merry Christmas too. I greatly appreciate all of the kind comments you have left on the last few posts. I hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

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