The importance of terror in a healthy relationship

Often undervalued, don’t you think?  It’s the chill of fear striking deep into my stomach, as I watch the minute hand creep closer to the appointed hour, the hesitancy with which I approach the door and the tremble in my hand as I reach out for the doorbell that – for me – makes it more than just another way of getting bruises.



Domina takes all the money
Don’t be fooled by that severe exterior.  She’s actually a very kind person.  Why did you know, she gives 20% of all your money to animal charities?

Domme schoolgirl becomes domme grownup
Of course, she’ll need training.  The Headmistress reckons that Mr Jones, the maths teacher, might be available to assist.

Zapped slave
Apparently, the new one has voice recognition.  You have to train it to recognise your voice, though.  So you say “Clean the floor.” If it doesn’t do it – press the red button to zap its balls.  Then repeat the command.  It’s quite uncanny how accurate and responsive it can become.

Raoul's back
That Raoul has always had a wicked sense of humour. Remember that time he told her you’d called her a bitch? 

Superior wisdom
What a lucky man you are that someone so attractive takes the trouble to despise you.

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  1. If not terror, certainly fear, as I wrote in a series of posts a few years ago. When I would cease to fear XM's actions or imagination, a lot of the gusto went out of our FemDom relationship.

    So, yes, fear/terror are indeed necessary for a healthy, viable, functioning FemDom relationship, imo.


  2. I love the third one down with the woman in pyjamas on the sofa. I love the idea of a wife having a "pyjama party" where her and her girlfriends relax in flannel pyjamas,watch "chick flicks", eat chocolate, gossip,joke and have " Girl Talk".All while being waited on by the wife's naked,or semi-naked, obedient househusband.Who fetches drinks and sncks for them, while otherwise staying silently in the background. With the househusband generally ignored,except for an occaisional order to fetch a drink and an occasional affectionate slap on the naked butt as he is sent to the kitchen

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