Should men have the vote?

Not such an obvious question as you might imagine.  Yes, on the one hand, obviously women should make all the decisions.  But in our present, highly imperfect society, dominant wives effectively get two votes and owners of stables of slaves get a whole bunch.

I’m actually really interested in politics, myself.  I like to watch all the debates, and sort out the issues in my mind, as it helps me guess which party my Significant Other is likely to tell me to vote for.

Here we go again – femdom captions all right for you?  Lovely.

Last fancy dress party, she wore her leather outfit and you wore that little maid dress.  The time before she went as a strict schoolteacher and you as a schoolboy.  It’s just as well your parents don’t know anything about this stuff, or they might begin to see a pattern and stop inviting you.

Femdom wife appreciates it when you fuck off and leave her alone
As you’ve probably discovered by now, the world is full of beautiful women who really want you to fuck off.  I find that usually I know that without them even needing to tell me any more.  It’s a Mars/Venus thing, really.

I think the club has a special lapel-pin you can wear.

She probably won’t actually tell him, in order to avoid panic.  If he needs to know, he’ll know.

Sold into slavery...again!
Isn’t she pretty?  Don’t pictures like this make you feel you don’t deserve even to be scraped off the sole of her shoe?

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  1. Very enjoyable posts. I particularly like the concept of a submissive surrendering their right to vote to their Dominant. Perhaps, a law should be passed….

  2. I love all your captions, but these are especially lovely. I love the first and second and third ones. Where is the picture for the first one from please?

  3. Thank you all for those comments. I saw an article once arguing that it would be better if women were in charge, because it would be a kinder, gentler world. Talk about missing the point!

    Actually, I think women should be in charge because then we'd get in their way less.

    Incidentally, although it really doesn't go anything like far enough to count as 'found femdom' I recommend "Horrible Bosses" for the Jennifer Aniston character. Not worth buying or anything, but on a recent flight I found myself getting gently turned on.

    Of course, the eagle-eyed stewardesses soon put a stop to that, and I had to spend the rest of the flight with my hands on my head getting a slap every time the trolley went past.

    Or was that a dream?

    Alamo Preacher: alas, I don't know.

  4. I like the third from top photo and caption. I like how the wife's friend is casually giving the wife advice on how to dominate and cuckold her husband. And doing so while he is in the room[helplessly listening to his wife get advice on cuckolding]

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