Sweetly mean

And don’t be afraid to tell her if it’s hurting, OK?  She likes to know.

And when she’s finished, she’ll turn her attention back to you. Lucky boy.

Ah…cute Mr Snuffles.  She had his balls cut off, she feeds him dogfood and keeps him on a leash when she goes out.  You know – that’s your future, right there.

It actually is fantasitc, yet true.  Probably be a big disappointment when it comes out, but I can dream…

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  1. I love the bottom photo and caption.I know that many men prefer the leather clad dominatrix types.But for some reason ive always prefered the type of woman that dresses casually. In my experiences , the "artsy" ,"intellectual"and "bohemian" type of women ,tend to be more dominant and feminist oriented

  2. Thanks Steve.

    Just posted another dentist picture too, a post or two later. Nothing mild about her, though.

    Thanks also Bob (or BOB!)

    Isn't she sweet? You could forgive her anything, couldn't you? Which is just as well, really.

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