Cold as ice cream but still as sweet

Caption of the end of your sexual career
Don’t you just love that ‘we’?

captioned image of femdom target practice
It looks like she’s having fun, and that’s the most important thing.  Just learn to live for her desires, not for yours, for goodness’ sake.  Why’s that so hard?

Captioned image of maths proof related femdom humiliation or something like that
This is a bit of a litmus test, if you’re new to Contemplating the Divine.  You see, this is my idea of a femdom humiliation caption.  If you want explicit upskirt photos of women pissing on the camera, well that’s absolutely fine, but you might be better off elsewhere.

Captioned image of femdom blackmail
It’s not going to stop with the salary review, you know.  Better get used to this, because I think a few things are about to change.

Captioned image of femdom who - shockingly - is not a qualified nurse
For someone without qualifications, she’s remarkably proficient at rectal examination, though.  Real nurses don’t do it anything like as thoroughly, or with quite so many fingers.  Enthusiasm counts for a lot, I reckon.

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  1. I have to admit that i have always had a thing for intellectual women that were capable of conquering a man intellectualy. In my experience the "shy librarian " type of woman is often more willing to dominate a man then the type that dresses up in high heels ,ect to plaes a man.The "shy librarian " type is often more of a feminst and since she is often quiet and demure ,she often enjoys turning the tables on a guy and being in charge.That snot always the case of course.But in my experiences it is often the case

    The girlfriends that i have gotten along with and enjoyed being with the most, were the ones that would beat me at trivial pursuit and enjoy doing so. They werent shy about rubbing it in and making remarks about how "women are smarter then men"

  2. Ive also found trivial puruit and other trivia games to be a good way to get a woman's dominat side out . All you have to do is to make a wager involving the loser doing all of the housecleaning or being the winner's servant. If you [the man]throws in a few sexist remarks about how you is going to enjoy having a woman as your "slave' at your beck and call, the woman will defintly enjoy her sweet revenge.

    I myself have never "thrown' a trivia game either. It would ruin the fun.I do have to admit that i tilted a few trivia games and wagers by orienting the trivia to subjects that i know the woman is strong at.

    It is a pleasure to be beated by an intellectual woman and see a normally shy woman develop a wicked grin when she realses that not only has she beaten me and symbolicly won a victory for the female gender, but that she also can exact a sweet revenge after listening to me make sexist remarks. If i make a remark about them "staying at home barefoot and in the kitchen doing housework "like a woman should" while i watch tv or go out, then i often find that i am the one that ends up in the kitchen while my girlfriend relaxes.

    In my opinion, its a great and subtle way to get a "vanilla" woman to discover the pleasure of female domination . You just have to be subtle and not overdo it

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