Just for Ms Suzanne

…who posted “I really need to find a femdom version of this.”

I’ll admit the first one is not a newspaper, and both (but especially the first) are distinctly more pervy than the “Loving female authority” peaceful setting that I think you’re seeking.  But it’s the best this humble servitor can do.

Dominatrix enjoys a good read as the wax slowly drips down the candles
Important safety tip: always extinguish a lighted candle before leaving the room.  Once, Madame forgot but fortunately the flame extinguished itself on the slave’s bottom, instead of causing any damage.

Slave might fetch a decent price as a trade-in
They used to have a much deeper relationship, but then She bought a dishwasher.

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  1. servitor,

    Thank You for what you did. Clearly, it pointed out some of my own shortcomings. Suzanne says you may very well be a good role model for me in some ways.

  2. I love the second photo. I love the fact that the woman is barefoot and casually dressed and is relaxed. The male is in a submissive position.But he is not the center of attention. I like the way she is casually ignoring him

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