I give unto you a prophecy, according to the spirit which is in me

I was going to blog some captioned images of female domination, or maybe a silly short story or two, when a strange rosy glow filled the room, an eerie portal appeared before me and – in the fraction of a second it was open – three objects dropped onto the floor.

They appeared to be magazines.  One garish, glossy, cheap and cheerful, one refined and serious, printed  on thick quality paper and the last one – well, I could tell it had been put together by men, as it is badly printed, on poor quality paper, and held together just by a single staple.

I had time just to scan the cover pages and post them here.  I considered not posting the childish scribbles of “Adam’s Apple” but it strikes me (ouch!) that these apparitions might be a scientific event of some importance, so I thought I should share all the materials.

Could this be a vision of the future?  Its warm rosy glow promising us all a better tomorrow?  It’s all too much for my poor male brain, so I will simply post them for the world to see, without further comment, while I go off to do the ironing.

Dominant Lady Quarterly with Madame Sarka is not available for perusal by males - please delete this file if downloaded in error

Fight the power!  Rebel against the oppression of female domination!
I am sorry for including this ridiculous rag.  Male liberation indeed…probably a sort of schoolgirl joke.

3 thoughts on “I give unto you a prophecy, according to the spirit which is in me”

  1. Very clever, Servitor, but I don't see a subscription form for Dominant Lady Quarterly. See if you can come up with one after you finish the ironing. And don't make me have to ask twice.

  2. Er, yes Lady Grey! Right away, Ma'am!


    …the copy of DLQ that came through the portal didn't have a subscription form. And I tried to find the address of the publishers, but it's in an office block ("Gynarchy towers") that doesn't seem to have been built yet. And I tried and tried to recreate the temporal portal,honest I did, but I ran out of lego blocks…and then it was time for my tea…

    So I, so I…and…

    (hangs head in shame and fidgets with one foot…peeking up with an odd expression of fear tinged with hope…)

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