Everything not forbidden is compulsory

…I occasionally have fantasies about a truly totalitarian domination regime, possibly even domestic (fascism begins at home, huh?).  Everything not forbidden is compulsory.  Without explicit orders to do anything, you are not permitted to move.  Even language (on the rare occasions when allowed) is limited to an approved list of words and phrases (like Newspeak).  For ever.
The quote, incidentally, is from The Once and Future King which is the basis for Disney’s Sword in the Stone movie about King Arthur.  Just so you know…

The ladies below are not dictatrices, perhaps, but to you I think you can take it their word will be law…

dominatrix boss might not sack you but she'll probably cut your pay
If you beg sufficiently piteously, she’ll probably relent.  But I think you can assume she’ll stop going so easy on you in future.

Captioned image chilling with your domme
She’s quite soft-hearted, so she’ll probably let him out in a couple of hours.  Unless she forgets or something.

This is going to be really really embarassing
Might be a good time to offer to clean her house for a week.  Face it, that’s the only way you’re going to be pleasing her.

Femdom runs a male order service
You don’t get employee rights.  You’re not an employee. You’re stock – and I think your book value is about to be written down.

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