Full of grace

Whipping the plumber
Isn’t she beautiful?  The man at the back there is very unlucky to be positioned so as not to be able to see her.  But I think he can feel her presence, don’t you?

Captioned femdom image of disparagement
Disparaging with faint praise.

Dominatrix likes it when you beg
If she loves tears, I expect she’ll be in for a treat later when she gets going.

Contemplating the divine goes into reruns
The reference is to a captioned image in this earlier post.
I could have just linked to the Lexi image.  But I really love that one I did of the wife with the computer, so I wanted to give it a further airing.
Incidentally, I understand the image above is itself a trick.  It’s not immediately obvious, but the slave is not really suspended, but lying on the ground.  The athletic Ms Christine is hanging upside down, and the whole image is inverted.  Amazing but true.
Ohh…no it isn’t.  Sorry.  Silly mood today.  Look, here’s a picture of a naked woman,  people seem to like those:

Man stakes everything to become lesbian lover, fails
Must be nice to get out of that nasty belt too.  Lucky boy.  Well, not really a boy.  You know.

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