..and forgive not our trespasses

…but chastise us as we deserve.  My own personal sinful trespass is scribbling rude thoughts across pictures of elegant dominant ladies.  Or to spell it out for those dim search engines: captioned pictures of female domination.  Here we go.

Dominatrix with whip considers mercy - rejects ir
A powerful-looking lady, from Cruella from long ago.

Very sexy lady says that youre just not big enough
When I see pictures of ladies this beautiful, I find it quite impossible to understand why any women are heterosexual.  But it’s easy to understand why we men need to be kept under lock and key.

Sexy air hostess with a feisty attitude
And the toilets are fitted with masturbation detectors, so don’t even think about it.



Another powerful looking lady (look at that strong right arm), in a very serious environment.  Maybe my subconscious is trying to tell me I have done something exceptionally bad lately, and I need to be punished.


Dominatrix prefers you to keep silent with a ball gag
Something tells me I might have quite strong opinions about some of the things she wants to do.  So a ball gag is definitely the best treatment.

0 thoughts on “..and forgive not our trespasses”

  1. The pretty Emirian stewardess is really very well-meaning because she forgave him his trespass, the masturbation detector installing into the toilet for men happened presumably not from a harmless aim…

  2. Its quite right ,she is not allowing a man to express his opinions ,women are the superior sex ,it is her opinion that counts not his

  3. Thank you for commenting. Actually, my own Significant Other finds her attitude shockingly lax. She says men shouldn't have opinions in the first place, never mind whether they can express them or not. And who am I to argue?

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